Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm baaaack! (Beating the WoW addiction)

Heh, yeah! Its good to be back! Boy, it was a real struggle, but I think I can finally get over it. Get over the addiction for the greatest MMO this planet has ever seen.Phew!

"Azeroth will not claim my soul!"

Anyway, my son is almost 9months old now. Boy, is he a bundle of joy! I can't believe I missed so many nights playing with him. Sigh! *goes dewey eyed*. Mommy is looking pretty great to. Looks like pregnancy has been kind to her figure :) Now, its daddy and the bulging tummy that needs to workout.

Anyway, I won't leave Azeroth for good. I got good friends there. A bunch of SycKos who've kept me company online ingame and offline as well. I think there's a bit more stuff for Mannorothe to do in Azeroth. For the moment thought, I'm slowing down the pace.

I can't believe how many other good PC & PSP games I've passed over for WoW. Now at least, I can get back to them and to the other stuff I enjoy doing.

For the Horde!

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