Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My new PC!

Well, today was a loooong day...Just got back from Batu Pahat yesterday, after spending the weekend with my mother and in-laws. My wife and the baby Aliff -I miss him already :(- stayed behind so that my wife can complete her confinement period in peace.

My sister-in-law, Hidayu, finally made her way to Nottingham University in the UK (yup, that famous land where Robin and his merry men once resided).
"cheerfull farewell...
for somebody going half-way
around the world!"

The bonus is here (good news finally!), so I settled my bills and all....and decided to get myself a new PC! (its the separation I tell you...it wreaks havoc with your will and desires!)

I knew I had to keep it relatively cheap (nothing of the sort I would've put together during the heydays of my PC gaming addiction). Nowadays, my requirements are more modest...I just need enough computing power to do some work, a bit of gaming (mainly World of Warcraft!) and a little torrent here and there....dum dee dum

Here's my cheap PC specs;

AMD Sempron 2800+ 64bit CPU
CMV CT-529A 15" LCD Monitor
80G Western Digital HDD
1024mb TwinMOS DDR400
ATi Radeon x700 PRO 128mb
Aztech 600EW ADSL, Wireless G router

*the rest of the PC specs are not worth mentioning!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

When I have some free time............

Well, its just only 19th Sept, but its beginning to look like it'll be a very long month *sigh*. Still no sign of the bonus yet *glum*. On the bright side, my kid is doing just fine! *relief* and mommy is doing well too (despite the 'pantang-larang ') *joy*. In any case, this weekend I'm sending them back (balik kampung) to Batu Pahat for a needed R&R.

Umm..back to the topic;

What do I do when I have free time? Just so happens that a lot of 'free' time is coimg up...with baby and mommy back in Batu Pahat. I'll probably only visit fortnightly. That means I'll have two whole weekends to myself!

This is probably what my programme'll be like;

Weekend #1
Saturday : AM - Play WoW PM - Play WoW
Sunday : AM - Play WoW PM - Play WoW

Weekend #2
Saturday : AM - go back to Batu Pahat PM - Play WoW
Sunday : AM - Play WoW PM - go back to KL

"Me and Chumps hanging out
at the blimp tower,
Tirisfal Glades, UnderCity"

Weekend #3
Saturday : AM - Play WoW PM - Play WoW
Sunday : AM - Play WoW PM - Play WoW

Weekend #4
Saturday : AM - go back to Batu Pahat PM - Play WoW
Sunday : AM - Play WoW PM - go back to KL

Google WoW to find out what it is, or visit my links...


Thursday, September 15, 2005

KL Boy born to Johorean Parents

"Hi, my name is Mikhail, Muhammad Aliff Mikhail"

It had to happen...I mean, after all these while, everyone in the household is of Johorean descend. The Boy would have nothing of it. He's bent on being a citizen of the capital.

So, there I was, off to the NRD office at Maju Junction, right here in the heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur, to register the birth of my son, the KL Boy.

(about 2 hours later) voila! "Muhammad Aliff Mikhail bin Norkamarulazhar" is a proud citizen of Malaysia (with the relevant Birth Certificate to prove it) !

Monday, September 12, 2005

8 September 2005: My BOY comes into the world!

Baby boy!

Yeah, you read that right... My wife laboured to give birth to a bouncing baby boy on Thursday afternoon (3.01pm to be exact). Mom & baby is fine. We don't have a name for him yet (so AFundi's are still open!)

Anyway, I guess you'll want to 'see' him...

Hmm...he sleeps a lot...and feeds a lot too!

On the trip back home from the hospital, he was busy checking out the world...:) (unfortunately, the haze is back, or so I heard)

Baby's vital statistics:

Weight: 3.26kg
Height: 48cm
Eyes: brown (just like mom's)

* update about the bonus. Its coming! (soon!) and its a generous amount...All I can say is, its coming at the right time (finances are a bit stretched already)...AlhamduliLlah