Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Thunder Bluff by night!

"Behold! The majestic scenery of Thunder Bluff at night"

My adventures in Azeroth often takes me back to the Tauren capital city of Thunder Bluff. It is a magnificent sight to behold as I soar above the towering spires and columns of totems that embodies the shamanistic and tribal ways of the nature loving Taurens.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gaming Hitlist! - Nov 2005

I enjoy gaming, no doubt, but one game has me in its thrall and its very hard leave. No guessing what it is then. Good thing I can't play games in my sleep (or can I? *wink*). Here are some of the things that's keeping me occupied....until the next batch of releases!

Now playing;
On my AMD Sempron PC;
1) Call of Duty 2
2) Battlefield 2
3) Star Wars: Battlefront 2
and forever playing;
4) World of Warcraft on Smolderthorn and Frostmourne
(Horde FTW!)

On my PSP;
1) Need for Speed: Most Wanted
2) Lord of the Rings: Tactics

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

How's that for a deep peaceful sleep!

"Not a care in the world!....

*sigh*To be a baby again...."

My son Aliff continues to amaze me. Everyday, a new facet of his personality manifest itself and I get to know him better. His very demeanour and character literally is shaped and transformed everyday right before my eyes.


Proud Dad

Monday, November 07, 2005

Eid'ul Fitr Family Gatherings

Phew! 11 days holliday! Feels good to get some time off but now its time to get back to work and earn a living. Anyway, this year, my son is the latest addition to the family, so he got a lot of attention from relatives (ipso facto, lotsa 'duit raya' too!).

(Wife's family photo. Everyone is here except for the youngest (sister) who is away in England.)

Anyway, I'll have more updates later as I'm at the office now and there's tons of stuff to do! To anyone still on holliday, have a great time! Don't worry, the work'll still be there when you get back....mwahahaha