Friday, January 13, 2006


Hehe...I admit, I'm guilty of not updating my blog! Yeah, there, I said it. Satisfied?

Althought, having said that, I wonder if I should point out that;

1) I am not a habitual blogger
2) I will never be addicted to posting online blogs
3) What do you care? Its my blog....
4) Hmm, should I write something, or shouldn't I?

Some updates are due;

My kid is a healthy bouncing 4month old now. Recently had his shots and is suffering a bout of fever (Editor: seems ok today). He's becoming more involved with his surroundings and is ever so eager to say something (in his googely baby talk). Of course, doting Grandparents abound...:)

A close friend of mine recently tied the knot. When he was renting with me, he was with another girl. Believe you not, that was just over a year ago. Within that short space of time, he met some else, got engaged relatively quickly and is now married to someone I don't even know :) Gosh, isn't love great? It makes a person go! With a mission! All I can say is, Best Wishes to the newlyweds!

My sister-in-law (yes, the one in Robin Hood land) went on a skiing trip and sent back photos. Gosh, sure brings back the memories (somewhat painful as I recall). Seeing the snow and almost made me wish I was back over there. Then I remember the dreary british weather and I laugh.....hum dee dum dee dum

Yay, my Tauren Druid made it to lvl46! I'm beginning to enter the end game section of WoW and are beginning to meet more powerful opponents and higher level players (Editor: heh, when have they ever been lees powerful?) I'm aiming to get to lvl50 before the CNY holidays so I can join my friends in the uber instances and raids. Drop by my guild's forums ( to see how things are going on Smolderthorn.

I'm watching the entire SW: Clone Wars anime series on my PSP. I missed the original broadcast over satellite TV last year, so I'm glad to be able to finally view the series in its entirety.

Stay tuned!