Monday, September 12, 2005

8 September 2005: My BOY comes into the world!

Baby boy!

Yeah, you read that right... My wife laboured to give birth to a bouncing baby boy on Thursday afternoon (3.01pm to be exact). Mom & baby is fine. We don't have a name for him yet (so AFundi's are still open!)

Anyway, I guess you'll want to 'see' him...

Hmm...he sleeps a lot...and feeds a lot too!

On the trip back home from the hospital, he was busy checking out the world...:) (unfortunately, the haze is back, or so I heard)

Baby's vital statistics:

Weight: 3.26kg
Height: 48cm
Eyes: brown (just like mom's)

* update about the bonus. Its coming! (soon!) and its a generous amount...All I can say is, its coming at the right time (finances are a bit stretched already)...AlhamduliLlah


the kimster said...

Congratulations and this is indeed a brand new phase in your life.

Good to know that you have (FINALLY) started your blog. The trick is to keep updating it (ehem!).

Bonus nanti the iSerpihan should go out and celebrate!!! So many reasons incl:-
(i) your baby boy
(ii) Torqueness' baby coming soon
(iii) Dr Lurve promoted
(iv) The Royal Pimp becomes CEO
(v) Harga minyak naik
(vi) etc.

torqxic inc. said...

congrats dude!!!
the baby is cute!!!!
we'll be sharing diapers & baby stuffs stories soon lah!

edderickson25237862 said...

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the kimster said...

Apa ke babi ramai sangat yang dok promote barangan dan blog/site dia orang ni? Macam pelacur je?