Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My new PC!

Well, today was a loooong day...Just got back from Batu Pahat yesterday, after spending the weekend with my mother and in-laws. My wife and the baby Aliff -I miss him already :(- stayed behind so that my wife can complete her confinement period in peace.

My sister-in-law, Hidayu, finally made her way to Nottingham University in the UK (yup, that famous land where Robin and his merry men once resided).
"cheerfull farewell...
for somebody going half-way
around the world!"

The bonus is here (good news finally!), so I settled my bills and all....and decided to get myself a new PC! (its the separation I tell you...it wreaks havoc with your will and desires!)

I knew I had to keep it relatively cheap (nothing of the sort I would've put together during the heydays of my PC gaming addiction). Nowadays, my requirements are more modest...I just need enough computing power to do some work, a bit of gaming (mainly World of Warcraft!) and a little torrent here and there....dum dee dum

Here's my cheap PC specs;

AMD Sempron 2800+ 64bit CPU
CMV CT-529A 15" LCD Monitor
80G Western Digital HDD
1024mb TwinMOS DDR400
ATi Radeon x700 PRO 128mb
Aztech 600EW ADSL, Wireless G router

*the rest of the PC specs are not worth mentioning!

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the kimster said...

How the hell ramai betul product advertisers yang masuk dalam blog kau ni?