Monday, October 10, 2005


Some updates is due I guess;

...So, eversince I got the PSP (PSP'ed and loving it!), I've been spending a lot of time with it, so much so that my WoW gaming has been at a virtual standstill (managed to get my Druid to lvl38 a few days back). I also found out, some colleagues of mine are also into WoW (husband and wife playing the game together! GG Alena! FTW!).

Got together with some buds from my Alma Matter (MCKK),...


"I spent 5 years of my life here, I wished I had spent 5 more (years)...",
quoted from a collegian, circa 1991 A.D.

It just so happens that they are MAC afficionados too! Both of them now have an Apple iBook G4! Leaving me as the sole innovator with my AMD/OS X hybrid. Anyways, we've been spending some time together getting familiarised with the new OS.

Head here to read about the exploits of a new MAC owner!

Finally, my wife and son is due to rejoin me in KL by this weekend. The wifey's confinement isn't exactly over, but I miss them too much. Besides, I need to get some raya shopping done...

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natan07 said...

Morpheus2be...It is nice seeing someone else interested in amd cpu temperature enough to also make a blog on the subject. Your topic...MCKK MAC'ed is exactly what I am spending my time investigating. Thanks.